Directed by Raine Allen-Miller - DP: James Blann


Directed by Raine Allen Miller - DP: Mauro Chiarello


Directed by Raine Allen Miller - DP: Rina Yang


Directed by Guilherme Branquinho and Leone Niel - DP: Carlos Lopes

ZOZO - Shortfilm

Directed by Clayton Vomero - DP: Sean Price Williams


Prior to CHEAT, Jack was a colourist at Time Based Arts for 4 years after working his way up from colour assist at Rushes. He is very versatile, working on films spanning advertising, narrative, music and fashion and a diverse range of brands such as Nike, Mercedes, Virgin Media, ASOS, Sainsbury’s, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Calvin Klein. In 2017 he was awarded a Gold at Kinsale for the grade on Denai Moore’s music video ‘Trickle’. In 2018, he graded the winner of the best short film category in BIFA – Dawn Shadforth’s The Big Day. He has graded promos for Kylie, Naughty Boy, Skepta, Toddla T and Bastille to name a few. His narrative work includes projects that have been awarded at film festivals across the world and shown on distribution networks including Netflix, Amazon and Mubi. Jack is a real film buff and has a deep understanding of cinema and film history. He is narrative driven, focusing on the message and the emotion of the work and how this can be enhanced through grade.


Adidas, Argos, ASOS, Balenciaga, BBC, Calvin Klein, Cancer Research, Channel 4, Dior, Google, Ikea, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, New Balance, Nike, Sainsbury’s, Shell, Stella McCartney, Tate, Tesco, Virgin, Vogue, Volkswagen, WWF.


Anthony Dickenson, Broken Antenna, Chris Cairns, Charlotte Wales, Clayton Vomero, Dan Emmerson, Dan Tobin Smith, Danny Sangra, Dawn Shadforth, George Belfield, Jacob Sutton, Jak Payne, Jake Dypka, Jon E Price, Leo Leigh, Leonn Ward, Luke Monaghan, Meji Alabi, Ninian Doff, Oscar Hudson, Raine Allen-Miller, Savannah Leaf, Sophie Muller, Will Robson-Scott


Adam Scarth, Autumn Durald Arkapaw, Ben Fordesman, Daniel Landin, Deepa Keshvala, James Blann, Joel Honeywell, Mauro Chiarello, Patrick Meller, Rina Yang, Robbie Ryan, Sean Price Williams, Stuart Bentley, Tat Radcliffe